Our Messages

"Sangha Vani are the great truths realized and applied in the life by the Sangha-Lord. Great men appear from age to age and some truths are experimented and established by their life of penance for the welfare of the world".

Acharya Swami Pranavanandaji Maharaj


Sangha Bani


What is the Goal?

Self Realization, Universal Emancipation

What is Religion?

Self-sacrifice, Self-abnegation, Self-Discipline, Adherence to truth and Countenance

What is Real Death?

Forgetfulness of the "Self"

What is Real Life?

Self-possession, Self-remembrance and Self-consciousness

What are Real Virtues?

Heroism, Virility, Manliness and Aspiration for emancipation

What are Real Sins?

Weakness, Fear (Defeatism), Cowardice, Meanness and Selfishness

What are Real Source of Strength?

Patience, Fortitude and Endurance

What are Real Assets?

Self-confidence, Self-reliance and Self-respect

What are Real Enemies?

Indolence, Slumber, Procrastination, Inertia, Lustful senses and Passions

What are Real Friends?

Energy, Enthusiasm and Perseverance

Divine Messages

1. This country has maintained close contact with God lifelong, and intends to do so in future. This country is not that which has accepted materialism is the summon bonum of life. This country attaches greater importance to morality, religion and spiritualism.

2. We must banish indolence, drowsiness and indifference and cultivate vigorous capacity for hard work so that it can inspire us to high endeavour, infuse power and reawaken us.

3. To alter the religious atmosphere at present prevailing in India, millions of selfless workers are needed immediately. It is the influence of these selfless persons that will change the attitude of the people of the whole country. Then in that changed atmosphere and attitude a new nation will be built up.

4. Man wants power and peace, where there is restraint, there is power and power begets peace, surely.

5. Self-control is at the root of health, happiness, peace and power. It gives immeasurable enthusiasm, fervent zeal and strong perseverance in the heart of a man. It gives him steadfastness and capacity for endurance.

6. The only way to control and pacify the restless mind is to fix ever-vigilant eyes on the aims and ideals of life.

7. Mind finds its utmost repose in thinking of and meditating on God.

8. Read every day, do study, think and deliberate on the characters and lives of great men.

9. At present, the greatest need of the country is of men in the true sense of the term. Building of manly qualities should get first priority to the development of the country, the nation and of the society. If we can not train up men properly, all our efforts will be fruitless. That's why I have taken the vow to build up men first of all.

10. The foundation of life must be laid very firmly. Self-sacrifice, self-restraint, adherence to truth and continence comprise the main foundation of life. Life built well on this foundation, ensures development of human qualities.